What is Personal Development?

If you’re seeking the answer to the question What is Personal Development it’s very likely that you’ve already started on this inviting journey. The journey actually starts with a question of wondering, “Why is life the way it is now, and what can I do to change it?”

The life you lead now was most likely handed to you… old patterns from your childhood or past experiences. Have you ever complained about some of your family’s behaviours or thoughts?

Your thoughts are the doorways to creating your future. But if you look at your current pattern of thinking you’ll find that most of them are wimpy, depressing, arduous and denigrating – they are barriers to your ideal life.

Assume you are frustrated and stuck in life, how would piling more obstacles in your way get you unstuck?

It won’t.  You’ll remain stuck.

That’s where the ultimate question What is Personal Development will help.

So think about it. How many more obstacles will you put in the way of changing your life? What a ridiculous question, huh?

If you knew how you’d make darned sure you freed up your pathway to success. Right?

Wrong. You continue to put dozens of distractions and hindrances in your way so that guaranteed you’re not moving forward in creating success in life and business.  Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!

Your doorway is the key to success.

So, if you want to see a new life on the horizon you should open the door to personal development.

Well, if you’re still reading this, and I know you are, it’s time to give up that silly thought.

Because this page is going to dramatically improve your thinking. Not your life. Your thinking. In exactly ten minutes, you’re going to be able to see how your thought process is all wonky. Wonky thought process leads to a wonky life.

But enough talk. It’s time to put some personal development structures in place. Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. Make yourself a cuppa.

Let’s go…

Where are we off to?

Life is tough, only because no one has bothered to give you the manual. Well that state of affairs is about to change. By the time you finish reading this page, which cleverly answers the question: What is Personal Development, you’ll be able to do the following:

1) Recognise when a thought has gone askew.

2) Recognise the value of chatting with yourself.

3) How to wave your magic wand and instantly make thought changes.

4) How to use the power of thinking to transform your life

5) How to avoid having to repeat arduous unhelpful thinking.

And that’s just Part One of Personal Development!

The tools on this website have been rigorously purified to be as easy as possible. And, if you use the tools well, and continue seeking, you’ll soon find yourself easily steering your life down the flowing river of life. You’ll be the proud creator of a superb life. And the superb-factor is not simply measured by clarity of thought, but the Whiz Baam results that even you’ll be surprised with.

So yeah, let’s get this show on the road! It’s time to learn the 101 basics of Personal Development.

The root of all trouble

The root of all trouble in your life is the constantly repeating thoughts that move through your mind like a broken record.  These aren’t some clever phrases that move through fluidly. On the contrary, they are a conglomerate of denigrating and negative thought forms that carry a hindering effect on your life.

Unfortunately, these burdens sit under the surface of your awareness.  This is where or what is personal development is the key.

But the key to ‘what?’

Most people continue with the cycling thoughts. They miss out on the key part of life. Creating.

They just don’t realize the importance of the creating. And the core detail of creating life is to use thoughts and beliefs that are perfectly targeted at your dreams and goals.

‘Targeted’ is simply the focus and determination to think differently.

Instead of:

■”I can’t do that, I’m not clever.”

■”I don’t deserve a perfect life.”

■”No man will ever love me unconditionally.”

■”I can’t shake this old pattern. I keep sabotaging my success.”

One thought has the ability to STOP you in your tracks. The flow of creative energies get suppressed – yet again.

personal development - all his life he looked away to the future - yodaBut, this is the fun part. You get to talk to yourself. It’s a powerful personal development tool called SELF TALK. You see, all you have to do is be aware of the thoughts running amuck in your mind and say STOP when something comes up that is a barrier to your healing and success.

But how do you know that changing the thought will actually work? Shouldn’t you be testing? Oh golly, you should be testing, but what if you only had one chance to create success? The lucky thing is that you don’t only have one chance, but you can create success with the flick of your thought whenever you like.

Change Your Thinking to:

■  “I can do anything. I can gather the necessary resources, tools and knowledge and can create anything I want.”

■  “I deserve the best in life, and I’m willing to strive towards it.”

■  “I am worthy of love. I am loveable”

■  “Even I surprise myself how motivated and diligent I am when I want to change my old patterns.”

Yes, it really is that easy to take the first step on your journey with holistic personal development. Start seeking new answers and new possibilities, become aware of the hindering thought patterns and sabotaging core beliefs, take out what you no longer want in your personal toolbox, wave your magic wand to create new ways of being and watch your new life unfold before your eyes.

So, if you’re wondering: WHAT IS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT? You now know it’s the practice of seeking within who you are, what you want, what’s blocking you from achieving your dreams and goals and what actions to take to successfully achieve them. With personal development knowledge you have the power to CHOOSE how you want to live your life and TRANSFORM your patterns so they align perfectly with your goals.

Still want to know more? Download these free personal development worksheets and develop your personal development plan.