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Positivity is not just about happy thoughts. It’s about living your ultimate potential.

How to Activate Positivity for Better Living

Activating positivity is guaranteed to improve your life!Activate Positivity

It has been proven that when you activate positivity, to a higher ratio than negativity, your life flicks into a state of flourishing. This means amazing things will happen in your life!

Imagine what your life could be like with higher levels of energy, increased confidence and motivation, amazing insights and clarity, increased health and well-being, deep happiness and satisfaction and more!

In this personal development book you’re going to discover 37 easy-to-use ways of activating positivity every day to reap the MANY VALUABLE rewards. Click here to purchase your copy today!


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Get Jiggity with Positivity - Personal development book

Get Jiggity with Positivity will excite and motivate you to energise your life and business with dynamic positivity injections. Drawing on the latest insights from positive psychology and based on successful results, this instantly applicable book outlines the practical day-to-day changes you can make immediately for instant benefit. This upbeat and informative book reveals how to:

  • Use positive emotions to expand your thinking and doing.
  • Embed productive new habits.
  • Develop the power tools you need for a flowing work life balance.
  • Feel more engaged with increased confidence and motivation.
  • Change things that aren’t working to reach your target goal.
  • Activate positivity every day for overall health and well-being.

If you’re a business owner, head honcho of a company or part of an HR team you’ll be absolutely delighted with these helpful tips and strategies to enliven the business or organisation. In fact, this book has many ideas for everyone – for both personal and business use. Allow each positivity injection to enliven your imagination. Change them to fit your unique situation.


This book is asking you to step outside the norm and give up the notion that professionalism and productivity must be serious all the time. In fact, as you’ll see, there is much evidence to proven you’re seriously wrong.

This personal development book is based on many studies in positive psychology – the study of human flourishing.


The Ultimate Personal Development Workbook is an ideal tool for consciously steering your life in the direction you want it to go. Identify your values, increase self-awareness, challenge negative thinking, transform sabotaging beliefs and finally put into place an effective action plan to create a life you love.Personal Development Worksheets - Workbook

With these personal development activities you’ll be fully active as a conscious creator of your life instead of feeling stuck or frustrated. You will….

  • Gain confidence knowing you area effectively working towards living a life you love.
  • Recognise limiting core beliefs and have the ability to transform or align them to magnetise what you desire.
  • Ignite your passion for living.
  • Work towards meaningful goals that fit with your values.
  • Focus on what you really want in lfie.
  • Realise your inner power and wield it to create success.

Dive into your personal development journey with The Ultimate Personal Development Workbook by clicking here and purchasing your copy today!


Healing the Planet from Within is a personal development book that offers a method for self-examination with strategies for becoming successful in life. This powerful inner journey of personal development is guided by counselling and psychology theories, life coaching techniques and ancient spiritual beliefs.Healing the Planet from Within | Personal Development

We struggle to balance work, family and financial commitments and still live a good life. Our thoughts are stuck in a negative cycle feeling stuck, frustrated or lacking hope.This heavy energy suppresses our dreams and creativity. This vicious cycle has been created by a matrix societal constructs that controls our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

In this dynamic holistic personal development book you will discover a power deep inside of you that you can use to improve your life.

Everyone can make the conscious choice to create a peaceful and loving world. You’ll find this personal development book enlightening and intriguing as you experience new ways of seeing what we, as a team of human beings, can co-create on this planet. Purchase your copy of “Healing the Planet from Within” today!


37 Ways to be Successful While Menstruating

You’re a powerful woman and there’s nothing stopping you from creating success in life and business. Arg! But there’s the bloody moon cycle and it has a strong influence on your body, mind and soul.Successful while menstruating - women - personal development - carmen wyld

You’ll be delightfully surprised with 37 quirky yet clever ideas used by women worldwide to wield their menstrual power to their success.

This little book was written on a whim and is not to be taken seriously.

This book has a humorous play on words with witty and clever ideas on how to be successful during the challenging woes of menstruation.

The information in this book may or may not be true. Scientific evidence is either limited or changing. As always it is up to you, the reader, to seek the ultimate truth. Honour yourself.


Healing the Planet from Within Book review by Lynne Lumsden Green – Editor and Writer

Everyone suffers from the same self-doubt, “What can one person do to fix the world’s problems?” Carmen Wyld offers a solution of how to help the planet  in her book, Healing the Planet from Within.

Her book gives the reader methods for reaching a balance with his or her own life by conscious critical awareness. It is only by healing oneself that a person can start on the process of healing the planet. And one person has a multitude of connections to the community, which in turn has multiple connections to the whole world. By taking this holistic view, Ms Wyld offers hope for both self-improvement and the creation of a healthier worldwide community.

This isn’t a book that just offers platitudes. The book abounds with easy to follow techniques for understanding and improving every aspect within the reader’s life, from health and relationships to personal goal setting. Each chapter in Healing the Planet from Within focuses on making small changes that will eventually add up to a major transformation in attitudes and beliefs that will help save our world. Take as an example Chapter Ten ‘Shifting the Nature of Reality’; there are procedures for identifying negative and positive core beliefs, with the goal of discovering which beliefs help or hinder personal growth.

As well as writing this book, Carmen offers life design, counselling, and personal development sessions, conducts workshops, hosts webinars and is a dynamic presenter. Inspiring conscious living is the work of many years of study and life experience, shared with the reader with the goal of encouraging readers to obtain a happy and fulfilling life balance. Self-doubt can be replaced by hope and confidence. The answer to the questions of how to save the world and how to help the planet has finally been answered.

“It is by first becoming consciously aware that we can work together as citizens of this earth-wide community.” Chapter 3

“Emanate a warm loving feeling from your heart centre to theirs. Love past their mind games and their armour and touch their souls so that they too awaken to their divine being.” Chapter 13


Healing the Planet from Within Book review by Rudran Brannock – Counsellor and Soul Polisher

Carmen Wyld has written a book, Healing the Planet from Within, which is of inner work that reflects the development of our times. She is one of an increasing number of people who see the salvation of our world in the inner work of individuals. Healing the Planet from Within is a simply written movement through many of the areas of conscious life. From chapters beginning  with the notion of observing the deep inside and a call to wake up from the addictions of modern life and the mind games of the cultural matrix, through the power of feeling intelligence and imagination. Carmen takes the reader’s heart’s desire and true connection to becoming aware of each person’s energy patterns.

She gives practical exercises throughout the book with chapters on designing one’s own life with the development of focused intention and our relationship with the planet and the world-wide community. She suggests a focus of personal development for inspiring conscious living.  She also debunks some popular myths of spirituality which are long overdue:

You only become what you think if you engage with your thoughts as truth. Do not believe everything you think. Thought, by itself, is incapable of realising truth. Thoughts are not facts. Thoughts are not knowledge, but are a condition of the limitations of society’s constructs.”

She goes on to delineate what she refers to as society’s constructs and leads the reader to the movement of critical thinking and shifting the nature of reality internally. I had the very great pleasure of connecting often with Carmen while she was writing this book and know first-hand how much she desires human beings to fully recognise, not only the Earth day and Earth’s natural resources, but also to come into alignment with one another and with Spirit and the land to unite as a conscious earth-wide community.

“We have been living in a false reality where, what we perceive is the ‘real’ world is secluded and synthetic. As a team of consciously aware human beings in an Earth-wide community we can make the choice to exist in balance and harmony with the Earth, its inhabitants and each other. . . . . It is time to let go of our self-serving individualistic ways and work towards a common goal of global consciousness.” – Carmen Wyld.

I am sure that this book, Healing the Planet from Within, will bring things together for a lot of people to save the Earth. Her book will make clear to many the relationship of our connectedness to each other and the Earth.