Guest Speaker

carmen_wyld_personal_development_coach2Is Carmen Wyld a Guest Speaker with a Hint of Magic? Or is it Pure Skill?

Have you ever wondered how a personal development guest speaker could inspire and motivate the people in your workplace, organisation or club? Personal Development does not keep secrets when it comes to improving lives. In fact, it’s rather blatantly direct demonstrating it’s awesome power to shift old hurdles and move mountains.

Your curiousity peaks with the sound of success, but how does one actually reach this elusive state?

It’s an attractive device.

You have a room full of people at your workplace, organisation or club and they’re all wondering how to successfully improve their lives.

Do they….. really?

Well, yes. In fact, 99% of people on the planet want to change at least one aspect of their lives. And, so you invite this dynamic speaker to explain how this attractive device that will magically transform their lives.

Is it really all that magical?

Quite simply if they’re stuck in a cycle they can’t get out and an easy to use solution is presented to them…. WHAMOO their lives magically change.

But the point is where it all goes kaput, is that their problems are kinda too vast.

What do we mean by vast?

Layered actually. Think of lasagna. Layers upon layers have been building up over the years and the only way to move through these layers is by using the tools and techniques of personal development.

But if you gave them the entire Kit and Kaboodle all at once you’d cause them anxiety, not curiousity. We begin with thinking about thinking.

Tell me what you’re thinking.

The thoughts in your mind are creating your life. What you project into the world comes back to you. But who creates your thoughts? And how stuck are you? But let’s not delve deeply into the mysteries of your inner awesomeness right now. The people in your organisation are keen to be inspired and motivated to live a better life.

Won’t they get bored?

No, they won’t get bored. We do not need the snooze button in these talks! In fact, I’d prefer to ruffle their feathers than put them to sleep.  I mean, we’re talking about thoughts. That’s exciting stuff!  So, let’s toss out that idea where people sit still and only listen with their minds. The aim is to take them on a journey of discovery. These talks are experiential and active. Let’s get your people moving….

Where are we taking them?

We’re going to dive into the Power of Positivity!

Carmen Wyld is excited to be your next guest speaker! Get in touch with her using the contact form on the sidebar.