Life is Like Lasagna

Garfield, the cartoon cat, loved lasagna. He didn’t acknowledge the ingredients that made the lasagna, he just loved the taste of the overall combination

Your life is like a lasagna because it has a variety of ingredients all jumbled together and all of them make your personality and your life experiences.

But what’s in your lasagna? Everyone, in the whole world, has a different lasagna. Everyone has a different life. In fact, there’s no 2 lives the exact same in the world.


Because each ingredient that makes up a life is different in its complexities. You have your thoughts – now each thought is different because of the previous experiences that made up that thought varies. And you have your emotions – and each feeling and emotion is experienced different because everyone perceives the world differently. AND, you have your CORE beliefs. The complexity of CORE beliefs is immense (mostly) so there’s absolutely no way you have the EXACT same CORE belief as your next door neighbour. Hence, the reason why people clash sometimes.

Going back to the lasagna metaphor. If you don’t like the taste of your lasagna then you need to change the ingredients. And that’s what personal development is all about.

Instead of putting in garlic flavoured tomato sauce you would put in basil flavoured tomato sauce or perhaps you’d prefer a more cheesy lasagna.

Really? The bottom line?

You have the power to design your lasagna (life) as you desire!

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