What is Confidence?

Do you know what confidence is?  In our life we are often uncertain about things or how to proceed. We can say that a person who isn’t sure about themselves or how to do things lacks confidence. When you have confidence you have the belief in yourself that you can accomplish something.

Why Do You Need Confidence?

What is Confidence | Personal Development

To find success or happiness in your life may require you to take risks. You may have to make difficult decisions to find success or happiness and you need confidence in yourself to make the right moves to see that success or to bring you happiness. Let’s see how this works in a real life situation.

You’re at a club and you see a good looking man. You want to meet that man but you don’t know how to approach him or what to say. You lack the “confidence” in yourself to go up and talk to him. He may not want to talk to you, but he also might be interested in you. If you have confidence in yourself you will go up and talk to him no matter what, even if nothing comes of it. Having confidence often involves taking risks but because you believe in yourself you’re willing to take those risks even if things don’t turn out the way you want. Without confidence you’ll never know what could become of the meeting with the woman. Maybe the man is the guy of your dreams and you get married.

Maybe you’re in buinesss and looking to make more revenue with your buinesss. To make money you often have to make difficult decisions. If you have confidence in yourself you’ll make these decisions even if you know that those decisions may fail. When you have confidence you’re willing to take risks because this is the only way to find success. You can’t find success by sitting there and being worried about the outcome you have to have confidence in yourself to try.

What Confidence Isn’t

Confidence isn’t the feeling that you are better than anyone else; it’s not an ego thing at all. Having confidence is simply a belief in yourself that you can do something even if the result may not be a positive one.  You know that you may make mistakes along the way to finding the success you seek. You have that all important self-esteem you need to make decisions in your life because you believe in yourself.

Confidence is the Key to Success

When you look at successful people, you’ll understand that its confidence that got them to where they are today. These people were willing to take risk in their life no matter what the outcome to find the success they were looking for. When you have confidence you don’t have fear because it’s fear that holds you back. You have the fear that your business will fail, fear that the person won’t like you and so on. The best thing about confidence is you can learn it and it can help you find what you want in life. You can use valuable personal development techniques to boost your confidence and increase success.

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