Thoughts and Beliefs

Thoughts and beliefs create an energy pattern which goes out into the world. Yes, and in fact, your thoughts and beliefs create your life. They are the building blocks of your reality.what you think you become

We can’t see them because they exist outside of our usual senses, but they create an energy pattern that we can feel.  Have you ever felt that someone was angry before they said something? Have you ever had a thought that you were ashamed to share with others? Did you ever catch yourself having a thought that criticized who you were? Have you felt the difference in your body when your thoughts are negative compared to positive thinking?

Each thought has a certain frequency and is generating an energetic pattern into the world I refer to as your signature pattern in my book “Healing the Planet from Within“. This energetic pattern is the mind power that magnetizes to you similar thought forms and experiences to support your overall belief system.

Beliefs are thoughts you accept as truth.

A belief system is all your individual beliefs put together. When you choose a particular thought as truth you turn it into a belief. For instance, if I told you that the moon is actually an alien spaceship you might not consider it truth because you do not have enough evidence to support this and therefore it would not become part of your belief system.

However, if I told you that the process of making and disposing of plastic is polluting the planet you would probably agree because you’ve seen real tangible evidence of this. You would feel this statement is true and and add it to your belief system.

The most important aspect of thoughts and beliefs is that you are solely responsible for them. You can’t change someone’s thinking or way of being, just as no one can change you. You are the creator of your thoughts and beliefs and you are the only one who can change them. You are the one who can choose to use the mind power for positive thinking and create a life you desire. You have the power to choose certain thoughts and beliefs that will send an uplifting energy for healing the planet…. from within you.

The thoughts you choose to create as beliefs form an overall energy patterns that creates your reality…. therefore, you create your life.

Have you ever felt as though you were travelling down the river of life without oars as if something or someone has control of your life? Once your realise how your thoughts and beliefs create your feelings and emotions you can choose to eliminate or transform the ones that do not support what you want in life. You can become a conscious creator of your life.

The overall strategy is to first be aware of your thoughts and beliefs, and then use the mind power to consciously choose positive thinking that is aligned to your creating a life you desire.

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