Thought Awareness

Thought awareness is the exciting adventure of watching your thoughts. Although I’m sure you’re wondering how or why thought watching is exciting. Some people find bird watching exciting. There are so many different types of birds with their different colours and beautiful sounds – it becomes exciting to see them all.Thought Awareness

IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT thought watching is just as exciting. Why? Well, because you discover the JUICY GOODNESS of who you are. Since you were born you receive information from the world around you. These social influences tell you what to think, how to feel and how to behave. With this information you form a template with which you experience the world. Your template contains your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, assumptions, feelings and emotions. Your template dictates how you live your life. Hence, when you tap into your thoughts and beliefs – and transform them to align with what you truly want in life – you IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.


That’s why I absolutely love THOUGHT AWARENESS! When you know your thought patterns and beliefs you can catch the ones that are no longer serving you and change them. It’s impossible to, on purpose, change something you’re unaware of. You need to shine a light onto your thoughts so you know what’s there.


The best technique for thought awareness is THOUGHT JOURNALLING. Get a journal or notebook handy that is specifically for thought journalling. Write in it for five minutes each day all the thoughts you have in your mind at that moment. Don’t judge your thoughts – just write them. Don’t criticise your thoughts – just write them. Do this for 7-10 consecutive days.

Now when you look back on your journalling you’ll have a better idea of the thought patterns in your mind. If you find some negative thought patterns that put yourself or others down you can train yourself to catch them in the moment and change them to something more positive.

Because you’re reading my blog I’m assuming you’re aware of how positive thoughts affect your health and well-being. Transform youthe many benefits of positivity – download the PDF here.r negative thought patterns to something more positive. Positive thinking creates positive emotions – and that’s just as good for you as healthy eating. Positivity boosts your immune system and increases your confidence and motivation and overall energy levels. There are so many benefits to ACTIVATING POSITIVITY daily – I listed some of them here. 

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