The Importance of Contemplation and Reflection

Contemplation and reflection are important elements of personal development and improving your life. If you’re constantly on the GO GO GO life tends to whirl past you and you end up in the same old pattern you’ve carried for years. When you take time to sit and reflect and contemplate on life’s journey so far you have the opportunity to pull yourself back and look at the overall picture. Contemplation and Reflection

  • Are you content with life at this point?
  • What would you change if you could?

Through this moment of sitting and reflecting you’ll see your life through new eyes.

The best place for reflecting is in nature because it takes you out of the normal patterns of your life (if you live or work in the suburbs or city) in which you can breathe more deeply and feeling more relaxed.

You’ll be surprised how taking an hour to sit and reflect can really refresh and enliven your physical body, your mind and your spirit.


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