Setting a Goal for the New Year

Setting a goal starts with you and personal development. What do you REALLY want in life? And, how badly do you want it?

It’s getting close to the New Year so why not have a look at what you want to create in your life for 2016. This is an important time of your life so have a good look at what you’re doing, what you like and what you want to improve. Take some quality time to reflect on these and then get started on setting a goal. Remember to include some self improvement and personal development aspects in your goal setting. Every successful change you make in life must first start with you.

setting a goal

Step 1: What’s your Goal? What do you want in life? What do you want to improve?

Without knowing what your plan is you won’t know how to steer your life in the right direction. When you write down your goal you’ll be more likely to achieve it. Write it down in detail – so take about 30 minutes to an hour to write down what you want to achieve.

TAKE YOUR TIME! Dream about it. And then change it a few times to be sure you have a detailed goal in mind.

Step 2: Create a Plan

You’ll be more successful achieving your goal if you make a clear and concise plan. Once you have the GOAL in mind write down the details of your goal including the small steps you need to take, how long you think it will take to reach your goal, and what you will do if something or someone tries to sabotage your progress.

For instance, when setting a goal to start up a new business you would consider doing a business plan including marketing strategies, finances, target market, business name and insurance, website needs, and so on. As you plan each part of the business write down the approximate time it will take to achieve each step.

Step 3: Observe your progress and make changes when necessary

In order to reach a goal you must maintain a dedicated focus throughout the year, and change things if they aren’t working for you. Observe your progress, and if your goal setting plan worked then GREAT! But if it’s not going according to plan then make a few changes that will guarantee success.

Setting a goal is an important part of personal development because it really helps keep you focused and on track to improve your life. I wish you all the success to achieve what you want this New Year!

For a detailled program on setting a Goal goes to: Goals on Track


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