How to Make a Positive Workplace

Positive workplace | Fish philosophy | Personal Development

A positive workplace increases motivation and employee engagement. Many people have experienced a negative workplace environment where competition is fierce, and dealing with difficult people is part of the daily grind.  The negative climate of the workplace environment stifles motivation, innovation and employee engagement.Positive workplace | Fish philosophy | Personal Development

The Fish Philosophy was inspired by the active and fun environment of the Pike Place Fish Market. Now these very clever personal development practices are excellent for increasing happiness in the workplace and improving customer service.

While not everyone agrees about their sustainability on a daily basis they continue to be a helpful guide to improving the atmosphere at work for staff and customers alike.

  1. Even if your work or daily life is serious stuff you can still maintain a fun and playful mindset. Get creative and enthusiastic about having fun in the workplace. Whatever you are doing create a positive workplace and have fun. This will increase employee motivation and employee engagement. You will find yourself happier and more satisfied at work. At Pike Place Fish Market you will see the employees throwing fish and calling out to each other in an entertaining way. A playful and fun mindset is also addictive. I previously wrote a factitious story about a café and a particular customer who was very friendly and chatty to everyone. Over time this attitude changed the atmosphere of the café making it a popular place. It was fun, friendly and welcoming. (If you know of a happy cafe, restaurant or other workplace please let me know by leaving a comment on this post). You can make any place a happy place by using a simple personal development technique of changing your mindset.  Creative a positive workplace! Have fun in the workplace.!
  2. Full attention on your clients and customers. Be fully engaged when they need you. Employee engagement is important for work satisfaction.  A positive workplace includes being aware of any judgements or negative thinking in your mind and putting them aside to fully attend to the customers.  This practice is not only helpful in the workplace to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales, but is also a wonderful communication technique in your personal life. It strengths communication builds positive relationships. In one of the videos of the Pike Place Fish Market a staff member helps a customer make a special video for her elderly father. Employee engagement is high in this positive workplace environment.
  3. One important practice for leaders and managers is to appreciate their staff with simple gestures of recognition. When you recognise and appreciate your staff and customers this increases good vibes throughout the place. It makes a positive workplace. And it makes you feel good too.
  4. You always have a choice what thoughts and attitudes you have in life. You can choose to be positive or negative, grumpy or joyful, angry or understanding. It’s really up to you. A very important personal development technique is self-awareness. What are you feeling now? What thoughts or behaviours can you change to increase your happiness and help the people around me? How can I be most effective? How can I create a positive workplace.

You have the power to improve results and boost morale at your workplace. It only takes one person to initiate this dynamic change. Enjoy creating your perfect positive workplace!

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