Positive Attitude

Scientific research has proven that a positive attitude goes a long way toward creating a flourishing life. In fact, in nearly 300 scientific studies on over 275,000 people it has been proven that when you increase your positivity vibes higher than your negativity vibes you also boost your overall health and well-being.

Think about it for a minute. It’s quite simple actually. I’m sure you know how your body feels if you carry around high stress – right? You end up with headaches, migraines, muscle tension and even a lower immune system.

So, when you flick that stress over to feeling good vibes your body feels better and you have more energy.

A positive attitude is absolutely necessary step to increase your positivity vibes. Your attitude, thought patterns and habitual behaviour patterns all affect how you feel every day.

Sure, you can grumble, grip, winge, complain, bitch, … and so on… but how about seeing the rosy side of life… notice all the good things that are happening…. switch on your optimistic mindset and start to increase your positive attitude…. (which is also a valuable personal development tool!) which in turn will help to increase your overall health and well-being.

For more information on how positivity affects your life – including the research on all the amazing benefits – go to: www.positivityforbetterliving.com.

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Instead of letting someone else ruin your day, MAKE the day of people around you. You can win friends by spreading positivity.

I’ve found that having a positive outlook is super important. One of the ways I maintain it is by managing by response to negative stimuli. For example, I think about whether or not I’m going to care about the problem in a year, 5 years, 10 years, etc. This puts things in perspective and keeps me from getting negative!

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