Personal Development Planning

I’m a big fan of personal development planning because it really gives my mind something to focus on. Yes, I have goals and dreams… and I’m pretty keen to achieve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.  But that’s just me.

If you ask my friends they’ll say how much I ponder on choices I have in life before making my next step. Especially if it’s a big one like going to China to teach ESL English for a year. And the same friends will probably tell you how much I talk about the steps before me. (Which might drive them nuts, occasionally.)

This is my process of doing a personal development plan. I reflect and consider every aspect about my life and wonder what I need to do to get where I want to go. I’m in love with the process… it’s gives me that rewarding fulfilling, life-satisfaction feeling. AND, it moves my life ahead in leaps and bounds.

As I’m typing this blog I’m here in China teaching ESL English and my next plan is to go to India to do Yoga Teacher Training and deepen my meditation practice. It’s quite exciting to see a personal development plan being fulfilled!

Personal development planning is all about self-improvement…. and consciously steering your life in a direction you want it to go. It’s a powerful technique actually.

I’ve put together a personal development plan coaching session on my website:  I invite you to wander over there and take a look. It’s just a one hour coaching session where we discuss all your self-improvement needs and what you want to create. Sometimes it’s just helpful talking to someone about it all.  I put together a comprehensive personal development planning worksheet to go with the coaching session too.

Besides that come over to follow me on INSTAGRAM too: WyldWomanCoaching

I hope you’re getting a lot of value from my work.

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