My First Lucid Dreaming Experience

In many, or perhaps even all Indigenous cultures, the wise ones used Dream Yoga or Astral Travel for personal and spiritual development. You see, the knowledge we know in our social world is limited to the beliefs, thoughts and attitudes in our Personal Template. So, when we use our dreams to explore the larger part of ourselves we advance both personally and spiritually beyond the social norms.

My regular readers are more familiar with a different style to this blog and I suppose I better catch you up. You see, 2 years ago I made another blog Wyld Woman Goes Bush and had put on hold my personal development project of books, coaching and even this blog. Why? Because I wanted to expand my knowledge, my world and myself. So, I travelled North in Australia and spent time with Aboriginal Australians, and then travelled Australia. And now I’m back in this world of Personal Development with a different twist of knowledge…. even exploring shamanism. Tibetan Dream Yoga is one of those explorations… otherwise known as Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel or Out-of-Body Experience.

Last night I had my first LUCID DREAMING experience… which is basically being aware while you’re asleep. I’ve been practicing for a couple of months with most of my thoughts on the practice. Here’s what I used in my practice:

  • Joined Facebook groups which had serious Astral Travellers.
  • Watched movies with Astral Travel.
  • Practiced meditation to clear and uplift my energies, and expand  my consciousness.
  • Read books on Astral Travel.
  • Watched YouTube videos on Astral Travel and Out of Body Experiences.
  • Listened to my spirit guides.

Now for those of you who might think that Astral Travel is dangerous or Voodoo crap or just avoid the topic completely… that’s fine… just skip to another one of my Blogs about the more socially accepted forms of Personal Development. That’s where I started more than 20 years ago. And when you’ve touched and explored every aspect of Personal Development and Self Improvement you’ll wander into different cultures and their beliefs about improving life, health and well-being. You can’t help it. The path leads there. And eventually, if you’re lucky, you’ll end up back here on this blog about my first Lucid Dreaming experience.

So for now, let’s travel back to my experience… because it’s quite fascinating.

I started my evening with a nonchalant attitude and quickly whisked myself through a meditation whereby I was covered in pastel pink love and pastel blue peace… and it surrounded me, became me and eventually we expanded to the Expansive Oneness Consciousness. Then, of course, I checked my protection which varies in technique from time to time. All the while I held a small piece of LAPIS LAZULI and SODALITE in each of my palms while they buzzed with warm intensity.

My body was tired and so I put my head on the pillow with the intention to Lucid Dream or Astral Travel… whichever came first. When you Astral Travel you witness your body go to sleep while your mind stays awake. I can’t seem to get my head around that yet as you need to watch your body go through the paralysis stage – if it happens and then the vibration stage, so I feel more comfortable becoming conscious during a dream.

It was then I heard my guide in my mind. Well, I heard/felt? It’s not a sound as such but more of a visual image and a knowing. The communication comes not in verbal communication, but in the mind. Without sound. This has happened regularly to me since my childhood, so it’s familiar to me. My guide showed me a bowl of Japanese noodle soup. We were sitting in a kitchen/café with long bench-like tables with a counter top and black squares for chairs – with a cushiony leather covering. There were maybe 7 of these long tables, with many chairs, and the walls were windows. It was a café where others went too. We frequent here often it seems.

So, here I am looking at a bowl of Japanese noodle soup – which my daughter and I recently shared (in the waking life). And then it changed to Minestrone soup. Now, at this point I’m going to put a pause on my blog… and fast forward to the Lucid Dream. Why? Because this is a new Astral Projection method my guide was teaching me and once I become familiar with it I’ll share it with you.. in another blog…. dedicated to it.

I fell asleep in this technique, and then woke up in a dream where I was in an old castle. I said out loud, “I’m in a dream!”… and then flew to the top of the castle (inside) and then remembered, “oh yah, I can’t think about my body and I was going to spend time with my spirit guide”.

Immediately following that thought a man popped up. I just saw his head. He was Arab with dark olive skin and a neatly trimmed beard and moustache. He wore a single white sheet covering the top of his head.

Then I was taken to an old train station… and once again… this part of the story will become another blog and it’s quite lengthy and goes into soul retrieval, etc.

This morning I had a celebration breakfast… because it’s my habit to celebrate any accomplishment as a way to train my mind that achieving my dreams and goals happens regularly. 🙂 Yes, you are looking at a picture of my awesome breakfast… it’s a childhood memory this breakfast… from Canada… we used to have pancakes, real maple syrup and bacon Sunday mornings.

What was the benefit of this Lucid Dreaming experience? Well, as I was flying I felt elated, uplifted and unlimited… and that’s quite an amazing feeling. I felt different too. I wasn’t the ME that I know here in this plane of existence, yet at the same time I was… so I assume I looked a bit different too. Which is seemingly the norm from what experienced travellers have said.

And, my guide took me to a time when I lost a piece of my soul and something magical happened… although it’s unclear at this stage what it meant exactly it was definitely significant in my personal evolution.

And the last benefit is that now I’ve had my first experience I am determined to become clearer and more efficient at this new found skill and evolve to the level whereby I can regularly converse with my own spirit guides and other advanced beings, speak to my Dad who passed away a few years ago, visit places on Earth in the past, present or future… and of course, share this technique with others if they so choose to expand their world in this way.

Feel assured though… that this blog will remain focused on the Personal Development and Self Improvement style you’re familiar with. And soon I’ll be offering Personal Development Coaching for women… as you’ll see here at Wyld Woman Coaching.

Wishing you all the best to live a life you love!





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