Lucidity Walk

As I progress through the practice of Astral Travel I realise it is DEEP PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & Spiritual Development.

Personal development creates a state of awareness essential for the awakening process. Within this awakening process is the step of Lucidity. The word “Lucidity” means: intellectual clarity, brightness, luminosity and in relation to dreamwork it is to have awareness that you’re dreaming.

I believe this world to be a MENTAL CONSTRUCT. We can all agree that our world is a social construct of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and feelings. Social constructs define meanings that are attached to situations, objects, events and to our ideas of relationships, interactions, social expectations, etc. THOUGHT appears to be real or natural to us and we accept it as representing reality, even if it is not truth.

We you start to EXPAND consciousness with practices such as Personal Development, Thought Awareness, Meditation, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel you start to realise how your thoughts create reality. Then it becomes interesting because you start to steer your thoughts ON PURPOSE to create what you desire in life.

For instance, through my practice I’ve started doing what I refer to as LUCIDITY WALKS. I got this idea after listening to Sussanah is this a Dream‘s meditation on YouTube (Listen to this video below). To do this I repeat to myself “I am the Dreamer. Everything I think is part of my Dream, everything I feel is part of my dream.” as I walk. The words change around a bit as a I go. This sentence in itself is enough to shift your normal perception of reality into seeing it as just a dream. After all, we are multi-dimensional beings and this Earth reality is a great way to expand consciousness – if we so choose.

The process and affect is difficult to describe in words because it is a FEELING. If you’d like to join me on these LUCIDITY WALKS you can do them in your every day life when you’re walking to work, while you’re working or when you’re going to the movies, visiting a friend or any other activity.

It’s not a meditation – it will only make you MORE AWAKE in your life which enhances cognitive abilities and you’ll find you’re more able to tackle the “list of things to do” much more easily in this alert state.

Other phrases I use are:

  • I am Powerful
  • I am Unlimited
  • I am Expansive
  • I am Multi-Dimensional
  • I am Immortal

If you wish to explore the topic of Astral Travel, Lucidity and Tibetan Dream Yoga I highly recommend checking out these people and their amazing books:

  • Less Incomplete:  A Guide to Experiencing the Human Condition Beyond the Physical Body by Sandy Gustus
  • Journeys Out of Body, by Robert Munroe
  • Tibetan Dream Yoga by  Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

I also found these FREE PDF books through GOOGLE.

I definitely consider this expanded consciousness practice a higher form of personal development… as you’re not only expanding the human being-ness of you…. you’re tapping in to the WHOLE that you are.


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