Listen to the Voices in Your Head

Thought awareness. It takes some time to hear your thoughts. Those voices in your head. Thoughts tend to have a personality of their own. Each thought comes to you with a different feeling as if they want to control your actions and behaviours.

Yesterday I heard a thought in my mind. It was a thought I had heard before. I’ve become accustomed to listening to these thoughts. That come and they go. They often sound similar to ones I’ve had before.

I’ve learned to listen to them, but not respond. It has taken me a few years to get to that stage of just listening.

You see, once I realised that my thoughts were not me or who I was, I had this LIGHT BULB moment. I love it when that happens. I used to take my thoughts personally. I guarded them carefully making sure no one would change my mind.

Back then my thoughts had control of my feelings and actions all the time. A normal thought pattern would stroll in my mind casually – without my awareness – and then I would act on it.

The next hour or so I’d look back on that moment and be really frustrated with myself wondering why on earth I had done that again. Those sabotaging patterns used to haunt me!

Now I’m good at thought awareness. I watch thoughts appear in my mind. I observe them as if I’m watching a movie. I look at them. They’re just a pattern given to me by the matrix in society. They are not the true me. They don’t dictate who I am. So, I look at them and decide if this is a thought I’d like to “play with” in my life. Will this thought serve my purpose? Will acting on that thought create my life as I desire?

I decide what to think after my heart chooses what’s right.

Thought awareness is a powerful personal development tool!

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