Is the whole world really against you?

Is the whole world really against you?

A friend of mine was describing to me this morning about how she was frustrated with her friend because she was so particular and really made her feel like crap. And then she went on to tell me that the paperwork didn’t get done properly yesterday and she really felt frustrated with that.

And I laughed, “It feels like the whole world is against you!”

She looked at me and shrugged, “Yah, I guess.”

I’ve experienced this feeling many times before. Many women go through this pattern nearly every month – with some months worse than others.

Everyone can get caught in these usual patterns of behaviours. Experienced women in their mid-forties have the ability to watch their usual monthly patterns, and some have learned to leap outside those patterns so they don’t have to go through those energy draining negativity lows.

I used to say to my friends and family, “Tell me if I’m getting grumpy at that time of the month. When I’m aware that I’m PMSing I can do something about it.”

Often times it catches you off guard – but when someone tells you, “Hey, you must be PMSing” in a matter-of-fact tone of voice you can start to observe yourself in that state. This is thought awareness and Emotional Intelligence rolled into one. Once you know about the state you’re in it takes the pressure off almost immediately. Now that’s delightful!

Yet, again, that fancy trick of thought awareness has so many helpful benefits. It’s really beneficial to know these handy personal development tips, huh? 🙂

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