How to Handle Criticism

how to handle criticism | Life coach | Carmen Wyld

Criticism is everywhere. How many times have you caught yourself thinking negatively or judging someone harshly?  Negative, directive criticism can be harsh whereas helpful light-hearted criticism can be helpful for learning and growth. There’s several personal development techniques you cаn use to handle negative criticism in a constructive way so it no longer bothers to handle criticism | Life coach | Carmen Wyld

Some People are Always Critical

There are some people who will criticise you no matter what you do. You can see this in politics for example. You could be the best leader in the world but it’s impossible to please everyone no matter what you do. You need to accept the fact that you can’t change the minds of everyone you’re associated with. There’s no way to make everyone happy. In fact, it’s their job to generate happiness within themselves. So it’s best to just move on and not dwell on people that are critical of you.  If you dwell on their negative opinions, you won’t move ahead. A powerful personal development technique is to keep your thoughts focused on the positive and supportive people in your life.

Think about it. Dwelling on other people’s criticism – how does that make you feel? And what’s the difference between that feeling and keeping your thoughts focused on people who love and support you? Notice a difference? Keep your thoughts and feelings focused on what makes you feel happy in life.

Don’t Take it Personally

Don’t take criticism personally you just need to accept it as a part of life. If you end up taking it personally you’ll allow your anger to creep into your judgement and you may say or do things that you’ll regret. Realise that it’s simply their perspective of this situation, nothing more, nothing less.

Make Changes

If you’re in business you can turn criticism into something positive. Have a look at the criticism and see if there’s a way you can make changes. Ideally, giving and receiving criticism should be done with positivity to increase learning.  For example if someone critics your product, figure out how you cаn improve your product and get feedback how it can be improved.  Receiving feedback is a great way to improve your business model, product and overall success. If you’re in business criticism will come from multiple angles but it can help you grow so make use of it to make changes as necessary.

Analyse the Criticism

Before you respond to any criticism you need to analyse why it occurred. Some people may respond to criticism with hostility or anger and this is a normal response. You need to look at the criticism by considering the overall perspective of the situation and the person’s real reason for making negative judgements.   Don’t allow your emotions to dictate how you respond to criticism because this will backfire most of the time. Once you understand the criticism you’ll be better able to cope with it and then respond in the right way.

How you handle criticism is very important. You need to look at it as something that cаn help you grow. Always respond in a measured way and never with heavy suppressive emotions.  Be humble.  Learn from criticism. Attempt to understand and clarify the real reasons behind the criticism being given. Try to view the situation from the other persons’ perspective. Criticism is everyone. It’s only their perspective of what’s going on. It’s up to you understand the level of truth involved and how this relates to you. You can always use criticism as a focal point for growth.

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