How to Get Motivated to do Anything!

How to Get Motivated!

Motivation is the key to making some awesome progress in your life. (Coffee usually helps too. 🙂

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If you’re feeling low in motivation you usually get stuck in a rut wondering helplessly how on earth you’re going to survive this time in your life.

Motivation has never been a problem for me. Many of my friends often admire me, “I don’t know how you do it but you keep making positives changes in your life. You really inspire me.” I’m not going to rave on how amazing I am with all the projects I’ve tackled and successfully completed. I’d rather tell you about some of my motivation strategies to help you get unstuck.

How to Get Motivated

I always have a CARROT in front of me. It’s something that pushes or propels me forward towards my goals. I put this CARROT there on purpose so that I get things done. At first I didn’t realise how I did this, but when I think more deeply into how this amazing strategy works I realise that there’s a combination of factors that I habitually put together to make it work. It’s like making an excellent homemade soup. You need all the right ingredients and viola you have a masterpiece.

So, my masterpiece for motivation goes something like this:

  1.  I need to have a clear goal. Recently I had a goal to whip up 2 courses on Udemy.
  2. Next I need a deadline to maintain my focus. AND, I need an urgent reason why that deadline is sooooooo deeply important.
  3. I also need a REASON why this goal is so very important. It has to be a NEED why I have to get this done.

Putting together these three important items and I magically find myself in a highly motivated vibe in which I focus hard until the goal is complete. Now this works best for short terms goals. If I had put such strict ruling on myself to complete the University degrees I would have carried chronic stress for too long and made myself ill. (Which I did anyways. Silly me!) For long terms goals the deadline needs to be a bit more flexible – as well as the pressure I put on myself.

An important point I want to mention though is that I recently had a couple of days of high stress and pressure. Then a friend of mine (a brother friend actually) reminded me that instead of PRESSURE I could complete the course with EXCITEMENT. (Which activates positivity…. So funny I had to be told that because I’m already passionate about positivity. Argh! Those patterns caught me again! J). And once I stepped into this different energy vibe I was cruising through the creation of the courses with much more lightened focused and became more highly efficient and effective.

In conclusion, the combination of things I habitually do to get myself motivated works really well for me.  If you’re lacking motivation then I encourage you to discover what motivation strategies would work best for you.

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