How to Choose the BEST Self Improvement Books

There are millions of self improvement books in the world today! So, how do you know which one really suits you and your needs best?

Well, my favourite way to choose a self improvement book is to go with my gut instinct. You see, everyone has a different path in life so the same book might not fulfill the needs of two unique people. Let’s say for example that Yvette is keen to improve her life but in her mind that means she wants to feel better about herself and the way she looks. Rory also wants to improve his life but to him that means feeling more confident. Both people have the same agenda of IMPROVING LIFE but the end result is different. So, which self improvement books are the best for them?

To choose the best self improvement hold a book in your hand, read the title, back of the book and then randomly open up to any page… read the first sentence that catches your eye. If the words are intriguing you know you’re on track, but if the words repel you then put the book down and try another one.

Go with your gut instinct…. how the book makes you FEEL. You know, that feeling you get when something is right…. where your insides get that upbeat, joyful feeling that life is good. Let’s have some practice. Take a look at the below book…. and really feel into it….


Now the words and sales pitch of each book are meant to SELL the book even if it’s not something you could really use. How many times has a sales pitch grabbed your attention and you just bought something instantly? That’s what advertising and media do. They sell to get your money. So, your job is to look deeper into the book with your feelings, not your mind.

Your feelings will tell you it’s a handy book for you if you sit quietly for a moment with the idea of the book. You’ll have good or bad or even mediocre feelings come up. If it suddenly jumps at you with an EXCITED YES feeling then you know it’s a great resource for you. Sometimes books have LITERALLY fell off the bookshelf to get my attention… rarely, but it has happened.

Self improvement books are brilliant when you get the right one. Have a look at some of the self improvement books I’ve written at the shop… you’ll know which ones are mine because they have my name on the front cover. You can download them instantly in PDF form, or purchase them through Amazon.


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