How to Change Your Life with Personal Development

You’d be surprised how many people want to know the answer to the question, “How to change your life”.  Although there are many ways to improve your life – what really works? Personal development strategies help you make successful and dynamic changes to your life.

I used to settle for less than what I wanted. As the saying goes, “be happy for what you have” yet the underlying meaning of this statement is “don’t expect anything else”. That’s what I learnt as a child. My grandparents lived in Holland and lived during the German war. They learned were happy with a minimal amount (and so you would). But this thought pattern travelled through my family and I gained beliefs that “we don’t have enough money” and “you’ll never amount to anything”. Not sure where that last one fit in, but it was a tricky one to shake.

Start with becoming more intimate with yourself

“Know Thyself” (Chapter Six of my book Healing the Planet from Within – available on Amazon) is a necessary step when you want to change your life.  Although people may suggest other ways to improve your life such as moving place or getting a divorce, you will not be truly successful unless you know yourself. How to change your life seems impossible when you only change your outside world. Deep and meaningful changes come from within.  Without knowing yourself you continue in the same old patterns that have hindered you.

Become more intimately aware of whom you are by asking yourself simple questions, “Who am I?”, “Who do I want to be?”, “What are my strengths and weaknesses?” “Do my thoughts align with my dreams and goals?” If you are unaware of the thoughts and beliefs you are holding in your mind and body, then how can you make the necessary changes to improve your life? Get to know yourself – then reinvent yourself.

How to change your life by becoming more passionate

What do you want in life? What makes you passionate? What gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning? Changes in your life come easily if you are following your heart. If you are feeling stuck or frustrated in life you are likely over thinking or over analysing your situation. Move into your feelings and write down the things that make you happy, your values and what you love to do.

Here’s a HELPFUL TECHNIQUE to reinvent yourself:

Write a letter from your future self to your current self from 10 years from now. Imagine you are yourself ten years old and have achieved everything you desire. You are living your ideal life and lifestyle. Describe your living situation, the people around you, your career or job, your family relationships, your own personality and way of being, your level of satisfaction and happiness and the way love touches your life. Tell your past self what makes you feel excited and passionate every day. Next, tell your current self how to change your life, what you did to get there and what strengths or resources you learned to become successful. Explain the crucial things you realised, the major hurdles you overcame and what you did to reinvest yourself.

This technique is valuable for discovering how to change your life:  to know yourself better, find your true values and what you are passionate about, and for discovering where you want to go and who you want to be. With this knowledge you have the power to choose different thoughts, emotions and actions to improve your life and create your dreams and goals.

It takes some time to learn how to change your life.  Put some time aside to get to know yourself. Discover your strengths and weaknesses and what you truly wish. Adjust your thoughts, feelings and actions towards your dreams and goals. Make adjustments as necessary and consciously reinvent yourself and change your life.

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