How Thinking Positive Thoughts Attracts Success

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Think Positive Thoughts and attract positive things. What does it take to find real success in life? What is a positive attitude?How thinking positive thoughts attracts success

For most people finding success is difficult. There’s one KEY that can bring success to your front door and that’s the power of positive thinking.  But it’s not all about upbeat thoughts and a rosey outlook. It’s a mixture of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that brews up the most amazing mindset to magnetise whatever you want in life.

You’ll be amazed how thinking positive thoughts positively improves your life. Let’s try it now. I want you to think something negative. Anything negative. Hold it in your mind. Keep the negative thought in your mind for two minutes. Dwell deeply on that negative thought. That’s good. That’s really good. Now tell me, how do you feel in your body? Many times negative thoughts create stress and anxiety within our bodies. Your jaw clenches and your stomach muscle become tight. Or you could feel nauseous, get a headache or just feel absolutely miserable, sad, angry, and so on.

Now, let’s flick those thoughts as you would a light switch. Imagine the negative thought and then change it to something positive. Thinking positive thoughts. Creating a positive attitude. Hold that positive mindset for a few minutes. Thinking about all the different layers of that thought pattern that make you happy. Does it make you smile and feel lighter? Do you feel happier? A positive mindset makes you feel good.

Think about it. You feel good thinking positive thoughts. How do you think others will feel around you when you feel happy and satisfied? And if you build on that positive feeling you start to magnetise what you desire…… and in this positive mindset you have the power to create your dreams and goals… to create what you want to be successful in life.

Why You Need to be Positive

Climbing the ladder to success has a lot of pitfalls and setbacks. It’s a huge challenge to go from nothing to real success, but it can be done.  To be successful you must be very focused and determined to reach your dreams and goals. For instance, if you want to own a business and work for yourself you would need the motivation to do some inner journey work to discover what sort of business would suit your personality and values, align your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards your overall goal and create a positive mindset of success. And then you would be eager and ready to do some outer work to expand your knowledge of business regulations, licences, expenses and so on is needed to start-up your specific business. You need to be focused on every step along the way.

If you look at successful people in business they all work very hard at what they do. They are focused and don’t back down. If they come up to a brick wall, stumbling block or something that’s stopping them from being successful they figure a way around it by asking colleagues, taking a course, doing their own research, and so on. They don’t stop until they are running a successful business.

To create success you must be focused, but you must also have a positive mindset because this is the only way to get beyond the challenges that come up.  For example, if you make a bad business deal what good does it do to dwell on this deal for months on end?  What is a positive attitude going to do for you in this instance? You need to accept that you made a mistake and you have to move past the mistake to push your business forward. Thinking positive thoughts. If you were to think negatively and fold your business you would be making a huge mistake based upon negative emotions.

If you were to learn from your mistake and pinpoint exactly what went wrong you could learn from the mistake and turn it into a positive learning experience. No one is going to be perfect and we all make mistakes in our life, but this is how we grow. If you dwell on mistakes then you surround yourself with negative energy and you will have a difficult time pushing and struggling towards success. The power of positive thinking changes your overall energy, focus, motivation and you gain the ability to think ‘outside the box’ and seek new possibilities and opportunities.

Being Positive Will Open Doors

When you are positive and feel energetic and passionate you will find many doors of opportunity opening up for you. Suppose you were positive and full of energy at work. Your boss would see this and you might get promoted or be given a special assignment. People want to be around positive, energetic people and when you are this way it can pay off in a big way. Focus on the positive things, remain focused and motivated towards your overall goal in life and you will find doors opening up for you.

Success is Attracted to You

If you can focus all your energies in a positive light you will magnetise positive events, situations and people to you.  Surround yourself with people who support, respect, understand and appreciate you.

Thinking positive thoughts definitely attracts success to you. The way you think and act has a big influence on the success you can find in life. When you say “I will succeed“  you will, but if you focus on the “I never will” then you are going to struggle. Can you imagine thinking to yourself “Change is difficult, it’s nearly impossible” and then actually trying to generate the change you desire. NO. It doesn’t work that way. Change your thoughts so they align to what you want in life. If you want change make sure your thoughts are focused on “Change is easy for me” or something similar.  You need to put a positive spin on everything you do because being positive magnetises success right to you. That’s the power of positive thinking. And that’s how a positive mindset attracts success.

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YES I CAN AND I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s an awesome attitude Sam! Have you ever heard of the SMART goals? Where goals are also meant to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound? With a positive attitude you move more easily towards your goals and dreams; rather than carrying a heavy negative attitude. I highly recommend setting your goals for that position using the SMART goal strategy. 🙂 All the best, Carmen

I totally agree, Carmen! We need to keep that positive attitude, even when we’re in distress, and take positive steps to the outcome we desire. When we do that, we can’t miss!

Indeed Sharon. We always have the choice to carry either a negative attitude or a positive one. Which attitude is likely to steer us towards living a life we love?

This is also my experience in my daily work as a coach. Positive thinking helps attracting positive events. The difficulty seen to be to keep the individual with the positive thought.

Positive thoughts will definitely gonna lead you to success. Having your very own business is hard to handle. More important if you have lots of employees, you’ll need to think a way on how you can make them what you want to do. Positive thoughts will help you a lot on managing your business.

Such a nice idea on how we could take the road to success and ease stress when we’re thinking on positive thoughts. It will definitely keep other people to keep on doing positive thoughts when they stumble or feeling a little confuse.

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