Feeling Worthy Enough to Make Money

Worthiness is a huge obstacle when it comes to making money.

If you want to make money but have low self-worth you will find yourself constantly struggling – without passion – in a job you hate or find yourself unemployed and eating .50 meat pies.

That was me many years ago. I didn’t own a car so I had to bike my way to work through two feet of snow. That was a peddle bike. After work I bought groceries on a tight budge which often included .50 frozen pies – the cheapest meal I could come up with. Then I biked back home in miserable slushy wet and freezing cold weather balancing the groceries on the handle bars.

My guess is that 90% of the world’s population does not feel worthy in some aspect of their life.

In a simple definition in personal development – feeling worthy is having the belief that you’re good enough. Low worthiness is that you’re NOT good enough.

Worthiness can be seen throughout many aspects of your life. You might feel worthy enough of being in a loving relationship, but you lack feelings of worthiness when it comes to making money. You might feel worthy of being a wife or husband, but not worthy of being a parent. Feelings of worthiness can be quite complex and come in many different players.

The foundational aspect of a good life is feeling worthy. If you don’t have that CORE worthiness you’ll find yourself not motivated to move through obstacles or gain more knowledge to overcome circumstances and achieve your dreams.

Let’s go into what it means to feel worthy enough to make money.

I’ve spoken to a few of people who are starting up a new business – keen to make money – and uncover that they feel uncomfortable to take money from customers. They work hard to learn a new skill (let’s say it’s a massage business), and then they go through all the steps to set-up the business (business insurance, place to run the business, buying a massage table, oils, advertising, etc), but when it comes to taking the money they have a deep feeling of guilt. They resist taking money.

Why would that be?

They don’t feel worthy of receiving money. Their personal percentage of worthy in relation to wealth is very low.

Low feelings of worthiness also impact on your feelings of confidence and motivation. Feelings of worthiness is the CORE that triggers many sabotaging patterns of behaviour.

So, if you’re not feeling worthy of making money or receiving money – it’s likely that you’ll have sabotaging patterns of behaviour which will STOP YOU from getting a job you love, from growing or expanding your business, from purchasing a car, from having an open mind to other money making ideas, and so on.

What can you do to increase your worthiness vibes and, in turn, your money making vibes?

STEP 1: In personal development you start with an investigation of your thought patterns. For one week write down all your thoughts in a “thought journal” for 5-10 minutes each day. I like to call this a BRAIN DUMP because the idea is to dump ALL your thoughts regardless of what they are.

STEP 2: Put aside 2 hours of your time to review your thought journal. Underline or circle all the thoughts that relate to feelings of worthiness such as ones with a “poor me” or “I’m stuck” kind of theme. The more you become aware of your thoughts – the more you’ll find those sabotaging patterns.

STEP 3: Write down all the low worthiness thoughts on one side of the page – and then write down a positive high worthy thought on the other side. The idea is that you are re-writing your thought patterns.

Next, it’s up to you to constantly scan your thoughts for ones that reflect feelings of low worthiness and inject positive high worthiness ones – especially ones that relate to feeling worthy about making money.

Do this last step for at least 21 days with a dedicated focus and you’ll find yourself feeling more and more worthy of making money … and when that happens different things or situations will pop into your life to reflect that new yummy pattern.

Keep up the good work!







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