You’re Not Stuck, You Just Think You Are

Change your life | Thinking about thinking | Personal Development

Change your life | Thinking about thinking | Personal DevelopmentPersonal development tools can not only dig you out of your stuck hole, but they can also positively change your life.

Are you feeling stuck or frustrated in life? Do you feel like you’re caught in old patterns and can’t move forward?

Do you have a dream? Do you desire a new beginning?

Let’s consider for a moment you are stuck in a deep hole. You want to change your life, but you’re feeling stagnant and frustrated. An important thing you must do is name that hole. Give it an appropriate title or name which symbolises the overall stuck feeling. Let’s say for instance that you want to be successful in your career, but no matter what you do you seem to fail. You could name that hole “failure”. Or perhaps you want to be a teacher but feel you are too tall. That hole could be named “body image”.

Use your imagination and thought awareness, look into your deep dark hole, and answer these questions:

  1. What does this (insert name here) mean to me?
  2. List ten feelings and/or emotions that (insert name here) makes me feel.
  3. When did I first feel this way about (insert name here)? Where did it first originate from?
  4. What benefit do I receive from holding onto this belief about (insert name here)?
  5. What would be the benefit from changing this belief?

Now let’s change your life.

Your thoughts are keeping you stuck in this hole. Change them.

Yes, it’s that easy.

And yes, you don’t have to. You could choose to stay stuck and continue to think you’re stuck. Feeling miserable is an addictive feeling and can get you attention from a wide range of people. ‘Poor thing,’ they’ll say. ‘She deserves better than that,’ others will comment. The feeling of stuckness and frustration will continue for you.

There are many more realities to choose from.

That’s the exciting part. You have full choice to think what you want to think and feel how you want to feel.When you change your thoughts your feelings change. When you’re feelings change your actions and behaviours change.

So, you’re not stuck, you just think you are.

Think yourself unstuck.



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