Celebrate Every Success to Increase Motivation

Celebrating every success no matter how big or small has become a habit of mine. You see when you celebrate achieving goals and dreams you tell you’re mind that achieving is a good thing… that it’s possible….and this increases motivation.

I’ve been developing an aspect of myself in order to successfully reach a goal that is outside my usual range of ability. To me this type of goal is a “high goal” because it demands that you evolve and grow… this is advanced self improvement and personal development.

For instance, let’s say you’ve been in business before and were successful in reaching certain financial goals. Then you decide to start up another business using the same strategies, skills and knowledge. You repeat the process successfully. This is similar to putting a puzzle together… you find the pieces and put them together. Very limited personal development in doing a puzzle…. even though it’s fun.

But if you step outside of the business world and attempt to live self-sufficiently in the bush you’re completely out of your comfort zone and need to relearn what to think, how to behave and what to believe. Being successful at something completely different that your norm is a “high goal”.

When you’re working towards a high goal and achieve even the smallest of steps it’s important, perhaps even necessary, to celebrate. This will train your brain to know that this new goal is definitely achievable and it will more willingly support the new learning…. which in turn increases motivation .

When you’re taking steps to achieve goals and dreams… no matter how big or small…  it’s an important personal development technique to celebrate.

Throughout my life I’ve done this. After my first coaching client I took myself out for dinner. After my first positivity workshop in the workplace I went for a walk on the beach. And, even when I needed to motivate myself to walk for exercise I walked to the grocery store and bought myself an iced tea as a reward.

Rewards and celebrations are a great PD tool for keeping yourself motivated towards your goals and trains your brain to know that anything is possible!

Once you increase motivation towards your goals and dreams you probably won’t need to reward yourself any more… but definitely still celebrate your successes!

So, what small or big achievement will you celebrate today?




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