Best Way to Cleanse Your Body | Detoxification Program

Best Way to Cleanse Your Body | Detoxification Program

The best way to cleanse your body is through a personalised detoxification program.

Hello! And welcome to WyldWomanCoaching and the Detox Wellness Coaching program where I individually design a program to suit your particular needs for healing.

This style of Natural Therapy is from the AMYWC 30-day Natural Therapy program in the Philippines where I experienced theaffects of the program and completed certification. Disease is primarily the result of bad habits, which cause toxins and stress to over-accumulate to the point that the body-mind responds by a sudden and radical release of toxins and/or stress – which is called disease.


  • to overcome problems caused by excess fat, stress and disease
  • to cure themselves through a system of natural therapy without depending on medicines
  • to become physically fit, mentally relaxed and fully conscious
  • to learn new healthy systems of eating, exercise, drinking water and harmonious thought

I’m offering two complete support programs: in-home & in-person. Both programs you will receive a specifically designed detoxification program – the best way to cleanse your body and its specific symptoms from illness & disease.

Nearly 100% of people who have been on this AMYWC program have either been completely cured or at least highly benefited. Examples of the conditions that have been treated:

  • acidity
  • arthritis and rheumatism
  • asthma
  • infertility
  • blood pressure
  • cancer, tumors, cysts
  • candida
  • cholesterol excess
  • circulation poor, numbness
  • constipation and diarrhea
  • depression mild
  • digestive complications, gastritis, dizziness
  • headaches
  • heart trouble
  • hemorrhoids
  • insomnia
  • lethargy (inadequate physical energy)
  • liver, kidney and bladder problems
  • lung disease
  • menstrual complications
  • mental weakness
  • obesity
  • sciatica
  • sinusitis and other mucus problems
  • skin disease including psoriasis, dandruff and acne
  • stress and anxiety
  • ulcer

Why did I want to cleanse my body?

I knew for years that the body has the power to heal itself, but I couldn’t figure out how to help it do that.

In fact, my hypothyroidism was healed when an Aboriginal Australian Elder performed a healing that had plagued me for about 8 years prior. Two weeks after he had performed the healing the thyroid had become hyper and I went straight to see a Chinese Herbalist who told me “Your body needs to detox”. I had no idea what that meant, but after 1 month on the Chinese herbs my thyroid had normalised. (See the blood tests results here.) I’ve been monitoring the thyroid levels since then and when they first started becoming more hypo I decided to learn how to DETOX MY BODY.

After a few months of trial and error with bowel cleansing and fasting I was at a loss. Although I was feeling a bit better I just didn’t understand the process to be 100% effective.

Then I flew to the Philippines to do a 30-day Natural Therapy program & certification from the AMYWC (Ananda Marga). This powerful healing process is ancient and has been practiced in many cultures for healing and spiritual purposes.

During the 30-day program I saw a difference in my own well-being and energy levels as well as heard stories of how it positively affected others.

Now this program – is the best way to cleanse your body – and it’s part of my every day wellness routine. I’ve lost weight and look younger and healthier! But the BEST THING IS THAT I KNOW HOW TO HEAL MY BODY from any disease!! It was the best $$ I’ve ever spent on a detoxification program because it set me up for life.


How does this detoxification program work?

When the body has an accumulated amount of toxins it does the best thing it knows how to do – it stores them out of the way so the rest of the body can function somewhat normally. If you’ve been unaware of adding accumulated toxins then, of course, you’re body will have to store them and you eventually get illness or disease symptoms. HOWEVER, once you’re aware of this fact the simple thing to do is a complete detoxification program. They KEY word here is COMPLETE.

The body has natural healing mechanisms that you can support with diet, meditation, activating positivity, exercise and natural therapies. For instance, the body requires energy to digest food so when you give it a break from digesting heavy foods it can focus on healing. When the body is trying to evacuate toxins from a particular area of the body you might apply hot or cold packs. Every situation is different. When your mind is stressed the body is unable to heal and so we apply meditation and positivity.

Each person is different and hence, as a detox wellness coach, I create a personalised detoxification program suited for you. However, each detox program includes resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins that are causing the disease your body naturally heals.

  1. Graduated fasting & cleanse diet of slowly eliminating the heavy foods to give the digestive system a break from its normal burdens so the body can naturally heal itself.
  2. Exercise such as yoga or stretching and cardio.
  3. Meditation, mantras and activating positivity.
  4. Natural therapies to flush toxins from the body.
  5. Some programs may include herbs.

The length of the program varies depending on your time constraints and symptoms ranging from 7 days to 3 months.

HEAL THY BODY. A complete detoxification program is the best cleanse for your body. It is what it says, “COMPLETE”. Of course, the bits and pieces you do such as a liver cleanse or colon cleanse or 16:8 fasting diet is an great way to do support your body. It’s much better than not doing anything at all!

However, if you’re keen to do a complete program to flush toxins from the body – even from the areas that have been creating chaos in the form of disease – it’s worthwhile to have a complete detoxification program designed for you.

I’m offering my services as a Detox and Wellness Support Coach: 1. In-Person via the phone or Skype or in person 2. In-Home support during which I stay in your home during the entire program preparing your “meals”, teaching meditation & yoga postures, and doing Natural Therapies to support the toxins to be released.


Things to Consider

  • Nothing in life is guaranteed.
  • The results you get from this program is not guaranteed.
  • The results you get may be different than another person.
  • A doctor needs to approve your participation in this program.
  • If you keep doing the same thing you’ll get the same results.
  • Your body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself.
  • Toxins cause disease – get rid of the toxins = no more symptoms. Heal thy body.
  • You can become the MASTER OF YOUR HEALTH.
  • A personalised detoxification program is the best cleanse for your body.


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