Benefits of Activating Positivity

The ‘new-age’ realm is where people seek for a better way of living. They look for ways of living a happy and healthy life.  The medical industry is fast becoming the last place to stop with ailments. Instead people go to chiropractors, acupuncturists, reflexologists, healers and even life coaches to help with life issues. But there is another way of increasing health and well-being and that’s by activating positivity.positivity for better living

Positive psychology is often boxed into a category of being ‘wishy-washy’ or ‘new age mumble jumble’. But it’s not just another fad – positivity has been proven in scientific studies to have many benefits to your health and well-being, and positivity increases your success in life and business.

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Positive psychology was defined in 1998 by Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csiksczentmihalyi and is the study of human flourishing. Psychology has focused on why things have gone wrong in people’s lives. Positive psychology focuses on how people can achieve inner happiness and well-being. Barbara Frederickson, in her book Positivity, talks about ten different forms of positivity and the benefits of cultivating positivity in your life and business.

Activating Positivity has been proven to be beneficial in treating depression; it stops people from moving into a downward spiral and helps them see positive aspects in their lives.

Positivity has been proven to boost the immune system and reduce stress and anxiety. Diseases such as cancer can be treated with self-belief and optimism to increase the immune system and speed recovery. Optimism has also shown to be good for the heart. When injected with positivity people have lowered heart rate and blood pressure.

Positivity also has amazing psychological benefits. When activating positivity regularly you grow your resilience, increase coping skills, deal with changes easily and feel more satisfied in life.

In fact, positivity broadens your mind so you’re more open to new ideas and possibilities. That’s the key reason why I activate positivity as a personal development coach and presenter.  Can you imagine the amazing results and shifts you can make with personal development strategies dipped in positivity? Wow! It’s amazing!

It’s important to mention that negativity is a normal part of life and we are not to deny ourselves a bout of negativity. In fact, it would be rather delusional to deny yourself negative emotions completely. For instance, if a loved one passed away you would allow yourself to grieve their loss. Increasing positivity gives you coping skills to deal with the bad times of live. It gives you strength and resilience.

Positivity is not just about thinking positive thoughts. It’s about feeling – activating! – the different forms of positivity.

And that’s my favourite part because it feels great!

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