7 Tips for Building Confidence

Building Confidence | Personal Development

Building confidence can be challenging for many people. It’s hard to improve self confidence in your life at times because the negative things in our life can sometime outweigh the positive. Here’s some idea on how to build confidence in your life. Use these helpful confidence building activities.

1.       Positive Attitude

It’s very important for building confidence to stay positive in your life. No matter what happens to you need to look towards positive things because this will help you gain confidence that you need. One way to be positive is to just say positive phrases such as “I can,” or “I will succeed.” This is simple to do but if you do it all the time you will, reinforce the positive in your life. We tend to dwell too much ion negative aspects and this can reduce our confidence because we think we are going to fail. The thing to remember is that you must take risks to see success as it won’t just come to you. By staying positive you are making the first steps towards improving self confidence.

2.       Dress Well

When you look good you tend to feel good. You can boost your overall confidence by dressing well. Take care with your appearance because even something as small as this can help you build self confidence in whatever you do. This will give you positive feelings about yourself. If you don’t like the way you look then start exercising in increase endorphins because it will help your confidence.

3.       Go See a SpeakerBuilding Confidence | Personal Development

Motivational speakers can help you gain the confidence you need. These speakers will show you tips and tricks you can use to boost your overall confidence. Often you just need a small push in the right direction to start building  confidence in your life.

4.       Write Down Goals

Write down some goals you want to achieve in your life and then figure out how you are going to meet those goals. Once you know how you are going to meet those goals you should write a speech about how you will get there. You can stand in front of the mirror and then repeat your goals to yourself. You’ll be amazed how goal setting will help to build self confidence.

5.       Do Public Speaking

To gain confidence you should try some public speaking. This can help with your confidence in a big way. By speaking to others this helps to improve self confidence because you’re taking a risk and this will help you grow and get more confidence.

 6.       Be Out Front

When you go to meeting or public gathering, sit in the front row.  This will help you gain confidence and if you’re at a meeting or seminar you may be asked questions because you are in the front row and that will raise your confidence as well. One other tip is to go see a comedian and sit in the front row. If the comedian asks you a question this will not only make you laugh but it will really raise your confidence too!

7.       Be Grateful

If you notice your thoughts are putting your down or sabotaging your feelings of confidence, use gratitude to get you back on track. Instead of feeling stuck or frustrated think about all the things you are grateful for. What do you appreciate in your life right now? Flicking the switch on those negative thoughts and focusing on gratitude will boost your confidence in your ability to improve your life and create new possibilities.

Use these personal development tips and suggestions for building confidence. You can gain confidence if you have a willingness to try.

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Wow I found this really useful. I also can across a ted talk recently that said if we adopt a power pose like your people in the picture for 2 minutes or more it boost testosterone and lower cortisol. So next time I’m heading needed a boost in confidence I’m gonna stand like wonder woman or somebody who just one the 100m sprint at the Olympics.

Lol. That’s awesome Charles! I might try that too. 🙂

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