4 Keys to Personal Growth

Quite frankly… there are always keys…  keys to personal growth.

It’s a secret clever people know.

How did they find such these keys to personal development? To growing oneself? To positively changing their life?

They became a SEEKER.

What does a SEEKER do? They seek for new knowledge.

You’re probably a seeker because you’re reading this blog … while seeking new keys to personal growth.

So, the #1 KEY TO PERSONAL GROWTH is to become a seeker. For if you’re not seeking, looking, observing, open to learning… you’re making a statement to the universe that you’re happy with your life as it is.

But once you become a seeker new information, ideas and knowledge will flood into your life so you can create positive changes.

#2 KEY TO PERSONAL GROWTH: Become a seeker. Research books and websites. Google for information. Go to the library and look titles of interest. Join new groups.

#3 KEY TO PERSONAL GROWTH: Start a thought diary. Inside your thoughts are the keys to your unhappiness. Thoughts create your reality – so they also create how you feel in life. For instance, one person may look at a situation with optimism while another pessimism. Positive or negative. While there’s nothing wrong with either – after all you have free will to choose – the final result differs in how you feel. Start a thought diary by writing in diary for 5 minutes each day for a minimum of 10 days. The more you do this the more familiar you will become with your thoughts.

#4 KEY TO PERSONAL GROWTH: Once you’ve completed a thought diary for a minimum of 10 days you’ll start to notice the patterns. You’ll see positive and negative thought patterns. The next step in personal development is to understand the emotional charge behind the thought and then decide if it’s what you want to experience in life – or whether you’d prefer to change it.

These 3 KEYS TO PERSONAL GROWTH are the beginning of a wonderful world of empowerment. They are the building blocks.

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